Welcome to the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario


NEW Year, NEW Look – STEO website

Announcement – New and Improved STEO Website – Look for it in early January 2018.

Website analytics has provided valuable client access information for the STEO website.  On average 75% of STEO clients access the STEO website www.steo.ca from a mobile device.

The new and improved website uses the “Mobile First” design methodology.  The new design provides easy access to the high traffic information on the STEO website with fewer clicks especially from mobile (and other) devices.

  • Responsive design, built to look and function exceptionally well when used by mobile phones
  • Consolidated menu, easy to access with a thumb-tap
  • Single-column layout
  • Full-width design
  • Larger fonts
  • Light-weight for quick downloading


You will not need to change anything.  The same domain name will be used – www.steo.ca – once the new site has been activated.