Welcome to the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario


Driver Training Programs

First Aid and CPR

Every school bus driver is expected to have completed an 8-hour First Aid and CPR course. Recertification is required within a 3-year period.

Building Positive Student Behaviour

The STEO has a pool of trainers that offer the workshop throughout the jurisdiction on a regular basis. The bus operators participate fully by having some of their staff professionally trained to offer the program.

Crisis Problem Intervention

STEO has developed a workshop targeting crisis problem intervention. The Crisis Problem Intervention workshop is offered to school bus drivers to prevent problem behaviours from occurring on the bus. The workshop identifies detailed strategies on how to handle difficult situations and is offered throughout our jurisdiction.

Autism Workshop

STEO and the Autism Society developed a workshop to assist school bus drivers in dealing with students who have autism. The autism workshop is currently offered to school bus drivers transporting students with autism. Assisting bus drivers to understand autism is the key to successfully transporting these students.

Transporting Children in Wheelchairs

STEO has developed this workshop to ensure quality of service in transporting physically disabled students or students in wheelchairs. Proper procedures are explained and practiced during this workshop.


STEO offers an anti bullying workshop to assist drivers in identifying bullying issues. Students have identified that the school bus is an area where they feel bullied. Drivers are taught to recognize the signs of bullying and are presented with strategies on how to deal with bullying in the school bus.


With increasing numbers of students with severe allergies, individuals are concerned about the possibility of administering emergency procedures such as epinephrine auto-injectors. All drivers have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of transported children. Courses involving first-aid and EpiPen procedures are offered.