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Driver Training Programs


STEO offers anti-bullying guidelines, to assist drivers in identifying bullying issues. Students have identified that the school bus is an area where they feel bullied. Drivers are taught to recognize the signs of bullying and are presented with strategies on how to deal with bullying in the school bus.

Autism Workshop

STEO and the Autism Society developed a training video to assist school bus drivers in dealing with students who have autism. The autism workshop is currently offered to school bus drivers transporting students with autism. Assisting bus drivers to understand autism is the key to successfully transporting these students.

Building Positive Student Behaviour

The STEO has a pool of trainers that offer the workshop throughout the jurisdiction on a regular basis. The bus operators participate fully by having some of their staff professionally trained to offer the program.

Driver Certification

  • The legal requirements for becoming a licensed school bus driver are very demanding: between 20 and 40 hours of specialized training is followed by written exams and a road test in a bus;
  • Driving records are reviewed and regular medical examinations are required;
  • Every driver must complete certified driver improvement courses, as well as know traffic laws and safety procedures thoroughly. Periodic re-evaluations by their employer keep the school vehicle drivers aware of Board requirements.

First Aid and CPR

Every school bus driver is expected to have completed an 8-hour First Aid and CPR course. Recertification is required within a 3-year period. All drivers have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of transported children. Operators are required to provide refresher training for the epinephrine auto injector to their drivers annually prior to the start of school.

Online Training Platforms

STEO partners with Respected Work to deliver the following online training programs for drivers:

1.  Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
2.  Cannabis in the Workplace for Managers and Employees
3.  Diversity and Inclusion and Indigenous Cultural Awareness
4.  Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Transporting Children in Wheelchairs

STEO has developed a document for operators to review with drivers of wheelchair vehicles to ensure quality of service in transporting physically disabled students or students in wheelchairs. Proper procedures are explained in this document.




Calling All Drivers – Come Roll with Us !

School Bus and Van Drivers are needed throughout STEO’s area of service.  We work with nearly 20 local bus companies to provide transportation in school communities across Eastern Ontario.  Explore this rewarding and flexible career opportunity.