Welcome to the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario



 Kids Help Phone Promo Video

Video for kids help phone resources … I wish … You do have someone to talk to!


Inclement Weather Video on Cogeco

World Suicide Prevention

Segment 1 – World Suicide Prevention ( Coalition) –  Angele D’Alessio

Segment 2 – World Suicide Prevention ( STEO) –  Janet Murray

Segment 3 – World Suicide Prevention (Kids Help Phone) –  Jessica Pancoe

STEO-CTV Morning Live School Bus Safety Feature

STEO-School Bus Drivers’ Conference 2016

Bus drivers tell us their favorite part of their job at STEO’s 2016 Bus Drivers’ Conference.

STEO-I Ride the Bus

A little girl tells us about her morning routine and bus ride to school.

STEO-First Day

A short video showing an exciting first day on the bus and on the way to school.


Other Safety Videos

Thinking of us on the bus – video on Bus Safety and stopping when Red Lights are flashing.

School Bus safety – video describing the amber/yellow and red lights and rules/laws of the road.

Bus Safety – Evacuation and Rules – video where emergency exits are located and how to open the exits, how to exit the rear door, what to do once exited, when to be at a bus stop, quiet at railway crossings and other rules while on a bus