Welcome to the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario



 Kids Help Phone Promo Video

Video for kids help phone resources … I wish … You do have someone to talk to!


Inclement Weather Video on Cogeco

World Suicide Prevention

Segment 1 – World Suicide Prevention ( Coalition) –  Angele D’Alessio

Segment 2 – World Suicide Prevention ( STEO) –  Janet Murray

Segment 3 – World Suicide Prevention (Kids Help Phone) –  Jessica Pancoe

STEO-CTV Morning Live School Bus Safety Feature

STEO-School Bus Drivers’ Conference 2016

Bus drivers tell us their favorite part of their job at STEO’s 2016 Bus Drivers’ Conference.

STEO-I Ride the Bus

A little girl tells us about her morning routine and bus ride to school.

STEO-First Day

A short video showing an exciting first day on the bus and on the way to school.


Other Safety Videos

Thinking of us on the bus – video on Bus Safety and stopping when Red Lights are flashing.

School Bus safety – video describing the amber/yellow and red lights and rules/laws of the road.

Bus Safety – Evacuation and Rules – video where emergency exits are located and how to open the exits, how to exit the rear door, what to do once exited, when to be at a bus stop, quiet at railway crossings and other rules while on a bus




Calling All Drivers – Come Roll with Us !

School Bus and Van Drivers are needed throughout STEO’s area of service.  We work with nearly 20 local bus companies to provide transportation in school communities across Eastern Ontario.  Explore this rewarding and flexible career opportunity.