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Student Safety Programs

eight female students standing in front of parked bus holding various signs

Buzzy the Bee’s Safety Certificate!

An online video called “Buzzy the Bee’s Safety Certificate! School Bus safety rules and behaviour expectations for first-time riders!”

School Bus Rider Safety Training

Buster’s Safety Badge!

An online video called “Buster’s Safety Badge!  School Bus Safety Rules and Expectations for Primary Students!”

A Guide to School bus safety

First Time Riders Program

The “First Time Riders” program is an education and awareness program designed to promote school bus safety to young children attending Kindergarten, and their parent(s)/ guardian(s). Parent(s)/guardian(s) are welcome to attend these sessions.

Buster The Bus

A program for Kindergarten to grade 2 students, Buster the Bus is a small robotic school bus with flashing lights and a safety crossing arm. Buster captivates students while speaking about school bus safety regarding issues such as: waiting for the bus, boarding, riding, and getting off the bus.

Bus Evacuation

During the months of September/October schools and students participate in school bus emergency evacuation drills.

Think of Us on the Bus

“Think of us on the bus” is a bus safety awareness program that provides students with cue cards containing bus safety information, to help emphasize key safety points. The students are asked to create hand-drawn pictures detailing what bus safety means to them. These cards are then distributed by local police departments to motorists with busing traffic violations.