Welcome to the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario


Free App!

Link to FREE App flyer

FREE – STEO has an APP that allows for you receive Delay and Communication information via a “push” communication/notification on your mobile device.  The BusPlanner Delays App is available for iOS and Android.


iOS – go into your “App store” on your Apple mobile device, search for busplanner delays  download and open the App.

Android – Go to the App Play Store/Google Play store – search for busplanner delays  install,  Accept, Open

Configuration, you will need to enter the ACCESS code which is    steo

Subscription options:

  1. For My Child’s Transportation – individualized transportation route delays and cancellations
    1. Select School
    2. Find school from pick list and Add
    3. Next
    4. Select Route/Run
    5. Find route/run from pick list and Add
    6. Done
      You will now receive any delays or cancellations affecting your selection.
    7. To remove a Route/Run
      1. iOS – Swipe left and Remove
      2. Android – Press and hold down and Remove
  2. For My School(s)
    1. Select School
    2. Find School and Add
    3. Next
      Note:  You will now receive all Delays and Cancellations for your chosen school.
  3. All Notifications
    1. Caution:  This will push out notifications for All routes and runs going to All Schools.